Products: IndigoVision > 9000 PTZ

An integration of excellent
sensors and world class
H.264 compression delivers
a milestone in the evolution
of IP video.

Fixed ceiling dome
False Ceiling Mount

IP outdoor dome 
Pendant Mount

IndigoVision's range of 9000 PTZ IP dome cameras are designed to be used with the company's complete end-to-end IP Video solution and have class-leading H.264 compression technology built-in. The 9000 PTZ cameras are fully compatible with IndigoVision's Control Center Video and Alarm Management software and its range of Network Video Recorders (NVRs).

IP outdoor dome Internal or External, Day/Night

IP outdoor dome Class-leading H.264 compression
  delivering high quality video at    exceptionally low bit rates 

IP outdoor dome Progressive or Interlace scan

IP outdoor dome18x, 35x or 36x optical zoom

IP outdoor dome Wide dynamic range

IP outdoor dome Outstanding low light performance

IP outdoor dome Image stabilization 

IP outdoor dome IP67 Water and Dust protected

IP outdoor dome Full range of mounts

IP outdoor dome Clear or dark tinted lens cover

IP outdoor dome Sun shroud

IP outdoor dome Easy installation: Power video and 
  data all over one cable

IP indoor dome
Swan Neck Mount

IP indoor dome
Easy Installation


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