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High resolution thermal imaging and daylight camera system, mounted or Pan/Tilt for security applications


The PTZ-35 MS and PTZ-50 MS feature a high sensitivity long wave thermal imager, combined with a long range daylight/low light camera. Both cameras are integrated into a compact, sealed Pan/Tilt enclosure. The PTZ-35 MS and PTZ-50 MS provide crisp, clear thermal imagery in total darkness, light fog or smoke. They feature the same thermal imaging technology found in many of FLIR's most sophisticated security and surveillance systems. They include FLIR's advanced image processing techniques which deliver excellent contrast regardless of scene dynamics. Unlike other night vision systems that require low amounts of light to generate an image, they need no light at all. 

Read the PTZ-35 MS and PTZ-50 MS Brochure.


Crisp thermal images - 320 x 240 pixels Both the PTZ-35x140 MS and SR-35x140 MS provide crisp, clear thermal imaging, in total darkness, smoke and light fog. This allows you to see more detail, detect more and smaller objects at further distance. Advanced internal camera software delivers a crisp image without the need for user adjustments. Both thermal imaging cameras provide high quality thermal imaging in any night or daytime conditions.
Uncooled system 

Both thermal cameras integrated in the PTZ-35x140 MS and SR-35x140 MS use an uncooled microbolometer detector. An uncooled detector does not require a cryo-compressor cooler meaning higher versatility, lower maintenance cost and less downtime.

Two thermal imaging cameras

Both systems are equipped with two separate thermal imaging cameras. One has a 35 mm wide angle lens, the other has a 140 mm narrow field of view lens.

Integrated long range daylight / low light camera with continuous zoom

With the touch of a button you can switch between the infrared and the 2 Lux daylight / low light camera. It provides you additional information and identification when conditions permit. The daylight camera has an up to 26 times optical zoom. Displaying both the thermal image and the daylight image at the same time is also possible via Ethernet.

Designed for use in harsh environments 

The PTZ-35x140 MS and SR-35x140 MS are extremely rugged systems. The cameras are well protected, IP66 rated, against humidity and water. The corrosion resistant housing ensures long life. The PTZ-35x140 MS and SR-35x140 MS operate between -32°C and +55°C. Both thermal imaging cameras have a built-in heater to defrost their protective window. This ensures a clear lens and perfect infrared images displayed on your monitor even in extremely cold environments.

Different versions available

- SR-35x140 MS: This is a fixed mount thermal imaging camera. Once installed, it is always surveying the same area.
- PTZ-35x140 MS: The PTZ-35x140 MS can continuously rotate 360° horizontally and tilt +/- 60° vertically. This way the operator can scan an entire area and look wherever he wants.

Continuous zoom - Foveal View

The PTZ-35x140 MS and SR-35x140 MS feature a completely new concept in image presentation based on the foveal vision of the human eye. Foveal vision allows the operator to enjoy a wide angle view for situational awareness while maintaining a high resolution area in the center of the screen for object identification and tracking. The PTZ-35x140 MS and SR-35x140 MS accomplish this with two independent thermal cameras and a unique patented image processing technique that provides both the foveal imaging mode as well as a continuous zoom between the wide and narrow fields of view.

Optional Software

A Software Developers Kit (SDK) for integration in the TCP/IP network is available.
Multiple installation options Various options exist to connect the PTZ- 35x140 MS and the SR-35x140 MS and integrate them in your existing CCTV infrastructure providing early detection and visibility 24/7 all year round. They can be configured for stand alone use, as part of a network or in a hybrid configuration with local and network based control:
- Analog configuration: 
Simply connect the PTZ-35x140 MS or SR-35x140 MS over RS-422 to a remote control panel. PelcoD commands are used for common Pan/Tilt/Zoom functions. Two video cables can be connected to any existing multi-function display that accepts composite video. A graphical user interface is available.
- TCP/IP configuration: 
The PTZ-35x140 MS and SR-15x140 MS can be integrated in any existing TCP/IP network and controlled over a PC. No additional cables are required. Using this configuration, you can monitor all activity over the internet, even when you are thousands of kilometers away. A graphical user interface is available for controlling the system.

PTZ-35x140 MS: mounted on robust Pan/Tilt for increased situational awareness

Fast, precision “Pan/Tilt” 
Intuitive joystick operation allows the operator to see 360° horizontal and +/-60° vertically, offering superb situational awareness. No special training is required to use the PTZ-35x140 MS.
Radar Connection – “Slew to cue” 
The PTZ-35x140 MS can be connected by the integrator to a radar system. If the radar detects an object, the PTZ-35x140 MS will automatically turn in the right direction and give you a visual image so that you can instantly see what the blip on the radar screen really means. Thanks to its precision, fast Pan/Tilt system, the PTZ-35x140 MS slews at up to 120° / sec. This means that within 1 second the head of the PTZ-35x140 MS will turn 120°. It allows for easy following of fast moving objects.



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