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Extremely affordable thermal imager for short range security and surveillance applications


The VSR-6 is an extremely affordable thermal imager. It provides crisp, clear thermal imagery in total darkness, light fog or smoke. It features the same thermal imaging technology found in many of FLIR’s most sophisticated security and surveillance systems, but is packaged for users who have short-range security and surveillance as their primary application. It includes FLIR’s advanced image processing techniques which deliver excellent contrast regardless of scene dynamics. Unlike other night vision systems that require low amounts of light to generate an image, the VSR-6 needs no light at all.

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Revolutionary price

Never has thermal imaging for security and surveillance applications been more affordable than today.

Crisp thermal images 160 x 120 pixels

The VSR-6 provides crisp, clear thermal images with 160 x 120 pixels. Advanced internal camera software delivers a crisp image without the need for user adjustments. It provides good quality thermal imaging in any night- or daytime environmental conditions. The VSR-6 is an excellent thermal imaging camera for those users that have only short range requirements and want to detect man-sized or bigger targets.

Wide-angle lens

The VSR-6 is equipped with a 6.3 mm wide angle lens. It gives you an extremely wide field of view (52°), so that you can cover a large area and keep excellent situational awareness.

Designed for use in harsh environments

The VSR-6 is an extremely rugged system. Its vital core is well protected, meeting Mil-Std-810E and IP66 requirements, against humidity and water. It operates between -32°C and +55°C. The VSR-6 has a built-in heater. This ensures a clear lens and perfect infrared images displayed on your monitor even in extremely cold environments.


Very lightweight, VSR-6 can be installed at any position. It can be mounted at an optimal observation point providing maximum field of view.

Easy-to install / Easy-to-use

The VSR-6 is extremely easy to use and require no operator training. It can be easily integrated into any existing CCTV infrastructure providing early detection and visibility 24/7 all the year round. The images from the 160 x 120 pixels detector can be displayed on virtually any existing display that accepts composite video.



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