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The iSOC solution:


  • Is based on a distributed architecture, so the end user can leverage existing analog products and networking, computer and storage infrastructure.
  • Is a rule-based platform with total Multi-source Intelligent Management that gives the end user the power to acquire information in video, audio and/or data format; administer and analyze this information; and then take appropriate, timely action.
  • Is a platform that includes a growing family of DVTel software solutions including SceneTracker Video Stitching Software, CaseBuilder Incident Reporting and Management System, Integrated Access Control, and Mentor Agent Recording and Training Software.
  • Is an IP-based, software solution with the flexibility, scalability, and integration potential to be truly future-proof.

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iSOCV6The Latitude Network Video Management System (NVMS) is a fully scaleable enterprise-class media management system. This advanced network based system architecture enables simultaneous live monitoring from multiple stations and is easily configurable for storage both on and off site. The software can be configured to store and to view from one to thousands of cameras and monitor connections across an unlimited number of servers.Latitude NVMS is fully compatible with DVTel’s Adaptive Visualization Technology (AVT). AVT was originally developed to improve real-time situational awareness in the military and aerospace markets where the lack of threat correlation produced by multiple viewing screens resulted in poor decision making at critical times.The Latitude NVMS open architecture is designed to operate on Microsoft Windows based Operating System. It is the first enterprise class solution to offer digital end-to-end monitoring and recording of video, audio and alarms for surveillance and security applications. This unique architecture brings together in one system a CCTV matrix switch, a multiplexer, and a DVR with unlimited storage capacity.


Although digital to its core, the Latitude can be either digital or analog at the edge. View live and recorded images on a PC monitor or an analog CCTV monitor. Control camera selection and PTZ camera control from a PC keyboard and mouse or from a traditional CCTV keyboard. Feed the system with IP networked cameras or traditional analog cameras. Whether the data is analog or digital, the Latitude NVMS engine is 100% digital.

The Latitude NVMS is designed to effectively integrate with existing access control and CCTV equipment including analog matrices, keyboards and cameras to leverage and protect investments in legacy infrastructure and equipment.



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