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The xptz100dn is a hybrid IP PTZ all-weather, day/night camera with built-in analytics that delivers cost-effective security automation over wide areas. With its ability to automatically detect and track intruders and vehicles, the field-proven xptz100dn security camera enhances safety and security for government, public and commercial organizations.

The xptz100dn includes self-driven, vision-guided, autonomous (robot-like) tracking to ensure a continuous visual of a trespasser or vehicle intrusion.

It features a step-and-stare detection that detects for person and vehicle intruders during timed sequenced displaying of each preset.

Embedded with analytics time-tested by the Israel Defense Forces under harsh environmental and security conditions, the camera provides a high probability of detection (PoD) with a low false alarm rate, like ioimage’s entire line of intelligent video appliances. With its automated 26x optical zoom (234x combined optical/digital zoom), the camera generates a magnified image that can be used for verification and identification.

The xptz100dn also accepts PTZ synchronized-location handoff of threat or moving object coordinates from ioimage cameras. This functionality is not a go-to-preset but rather a handoff of a specific object within a common scene. Once the handoff is made the xptz100dn zooms in to acquire a magnified image and to maintain visuals and tracking movement across the full panoptic range (360° pan and 180° tilt range).

The xptz100dn is a self-monitoring alternative to more expensive components of traditional security programs, such as surveillance monitoring, security guard patrols, straight-line detectors (PIR motion detectors, security fences sensors, ground sensors, laser fences), and interdependent triangulated PTZ and stationary camera security detection and tracking schematics.

Its intelligent-video self sustained edge-device architecture and all-in-one PTZ camera with video analytics is deployed in one unit. No complex wiring, hardware modification, or centralized, software-based detection processing to purchase, configure or hassle with.

Up and running just minutes after easy installation, the xptz100dn offers immediate selected detection, is network-independent, and optimizes bandwidth.

Configurable via a Web browser, the user-friendly camera is also ideal for securing remote and unattended locations.

The indoor/outdoor IP security camera addresses diverse security functions including remote or unmanned wide-area surveillance and deterrence beyond security perimeter fences and borders.

It delivers cost-effective 24/7 monitoring of security perimeters, secured compounds, industrial facilities, construction sites, and other locations requiring wide-area security.

The mmp100dn is a self-monitoring alternative to more expensive traditional security surveillance monitoring, security guard patrols, straight-line detectors (PIR motion detectors, security fences sensors, ground sensors, laser fences), and offers a single alternative to mechanical PTZ and stationary CCTV camera combinations. As there are no moving parts, it is ideal for PTZ functionality in areas where tradition mechanical PTZ are impractical, cost prohibitive, or prone to failure.


The mmp100dn provides a high probability of detection (PoD) and extremely low false alarm rate, making it ideal for homeland defense, critical infrastructure protection (CIP), railroad video systems, transportation safety, food supply security, retail loss prevention, industrial sites, airport complexes, military deployments, government protection, border fence initiatives, school security programs, mall surveillance, or any security application where the images need to provide close up details while the big picture remains in full-view.


  • Typical stationary cameras are limited to reporting only what is visible in their field of view. From point 1 to 2 there is information. From point 2 and beyond, security becomes uniformed and has no recorded account of an intruder’s actions. Additionally the stationary cameras are limited in their ability to capture magnified images of the intruder’s face or vehicle.
  • With the xptz100dn automation, it can either detect on its own or can accept a handoff of detected events from stationary cameras. Thus,automatically following the intruder from point 1 to 2 to 3 and beyond. Security has up-to-the minute location and can see what the intruder is doing. This is important for scene safety, avoidance of concealed-traps and for recording of information that may be vital in decision making or prosecution. Because the xptz100dn autonomously zooms in and follows a person or vehicle intrusion, obtaining important details such as facial identification, vehicle numbers, or armaments is automatically achieved - even if security personnel are away from their post.


  • Autonomous (robot-like) tracking without the need for helper sensors or triangulation of reference cameras
  • Detection scheduling and timed sequence of “step-and-stare” preset tours
  • Independent and flexible intelligent video detection on any presets including tripwire, fence and region intrusion detection – flexible criteria and qualified detection of persons and vehicle on size, movement, and direction of travel (scenario detection)
  • Automatic image stabilization, unique ioimage automatic light sensitivity, self learning and image optimization to assure the highest probability of detection and mitigation of false alarms
  • Browser-based configuration, monitoring, operation and PTZ controller as well as PTZ tracking initiation on user selected object
  • Hybrid output simultaneously to analog and streaming video over IP
  • 162x or 234x combined optical/digital zoom - optical zoom 26x available - digital zoom of 9x
  • Self sustained edge device
  • Outdoor day/night environment capabilities provide detection and tracking in low light (0.001 Lux)
  • Multiple mounting options: Wall Mount / Pole Mount / Ceiling Mount / Corner Mount
  • Does the work of multiple cameras with security surveillance automation on presets and on-event triggering and notification, including relay outputs, SMTP and HTTP notifications

  • Full D1 resolution
  • High speed Pan/Tilt (up to 360°/second)
  • Outdoor cover with sunshade Included
  • Power source 12 VDC, optional 24 VAC
  • 360 degree continuous PAN maximum with 90± degree (range 180°) tilt camera system
  • Rugged outdoor dome camera weather resistant to IP66 standards (NEMA 4 equivalent) that completely protects against the ingress of dust and water jets Operation temperatures -20 to 50 C
  • Built-in intelligent video analytics
  • Auto ICR cutter
  • Image stabilization while zooming
  • Focusing system: Auto (sensitivity: normal, low), one-push AF, manual, infinity, interval AF, zoom trigger AF
  • Flicker cancel: Auto
  • Back-light compensation : On/Off
  • AE control : auto, manual, priority mode, bright, EV compensation, back-light compensation
  • Gain: Auto/Manual (-3 to 28dB, 2dB steps)
  • White balance: Auto, ATW, Indoor, Outdoor, one-push, Manual
  • Minimum illumination: 1.0lux (F1.6~3.8) (color mode) ~ 0.001 lux (B/W mode)
  • Provides two-way audio capabilities
  • Hybrid support for both analog and IP network streaming architectures – includes audio, video and detection OSD
  • Two separate, independent and configurable IP video streams



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